Having a unique team-based recruitment model and working in a close collaboration with our clients, we develop, drive and deliver customised talent acquisition strategies which help them recruit more effectively.

An exemplary work-culture

We build trust. A client can expect that we’ll have a strong understanding of their challenges. We provide talent solutions that make sense.We believe the recruitment process can fundamentally impact both business success and a person’s life by connecting the right person with a job they love.

We are using cutting-edge technology and tactics that change how companies and job seekers come together. We’re never satisfied and are always looking at what’s next to make sure that we’re able to evolve along with the recruiting industry, stay on top of trends. We’re obsessed with making the recruiting process as quick and effective as possible.

People-Centered, Always. We work with a unique combination of experiences, personalities, and backgrounds, not the resumes. We meet them over coffee instead of over email. We’re honest with them and we always provide feedback. 

Our Expertise


HR Consultancy

We have industry leading CIPD-qualified Corporate HR Consultants who have significant expertise across all HR principles and are available to fully support large corporate companies, private, public and charitable sectors.

HR Outsourcing

EC’s outsourcing gives you the opportunity to focus on what matters the most – running your business – with the added security that your business is entirely compliant with the latest HR related legislation.


Our resourcing service brings extra-ordinary industry experience to the table. We strive to deliver a bespoke recruitment brief based on what your business needs to find the perfect talent for important job roles.

Staff training and development

If you want to save money on running an in-house HR department or free your internal HR team up to focus on growing your business, then we offer a complete HR Administration service.

HR management

EC’s HR Management offers SME’s expert advice on a range of complex HR issues. As your business grows and develops your need for HR Support, skills and expertise will increase to support future growth and business objectives.

Need a Custom Work?