From brand-building to onboarding, we have you covered. Get a special offer on Job Post & CV Search combos before it’s gone.

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Get a special offer on Job Post & CV Search combos before it’s gone
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From brand-building to onboarding, we have you covered


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Get a special offer on Job Post & CV Search combos before it’s gone





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Video Screening

Auto Reference Check Questionnaires

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Lead Management Campaigns Recruiter CRM Custom Integration Programmable API access Free Data Migration Priority Support

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AI-powered Recruitment Solutions

All the tools you would ever need to simplify and optimize your talent acquisition efforts.

Attract top talent

Reach out to maximum potential candidates by advertising your job openings on different channels like job boards, social networks and your company website.

Source better candidates

Never miss out on any prospective candidate when using Jobsoid. Receive candidate applications from all your sourcing channels to one online cloud account.

Track applicants effectively

Know everything about the candidates and his recruitment status. Manage all applications effectively and quicken your recruiting process.

Generate reports

Know your recruitment progress and chalk out a strategy to make it better with our accurate reports.

Make your hiring team

Let every member of your hiring team be engaged in your hiring process. Invite your team to be a part of the hiring process and collaborate seamlessly.

Communicate Effectively

Send out email and text messages to your candidates without having to use your email software or phone.

Set up interviews

Schedule interview with ease on your jobs platform. All the details regarding the interview such as place, day, interviewer etc. will be present on a unique page in your jobs platform.

Add Questionnaires

Create Questionnaires to Pre-screen your candidates. You can save time in your first round of screening based on the answers from candidates.

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